50% of proceeds go to Singapore Association for Mental Health

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Your mental health and care for yourself is more important than the pressing work emails or texts chasing you for an answer. You are worth your own time to reflect, be mindful and feel loved.

Messages sent to you are sent individually. They are not automated, and never will be because we want to retain the human touch to it.

50% of proceeds go to Singapore Association for Mental Health.

How will this work?
1. SGD$14.90 is the subscription fee for a month. Your subscription will start one day after successful payment.
2. In the options section, choose the theme that is most applicable to your current phase of life. You’ll be receiving quotes related to this theme for the month. You can always make changes in the next month.
3. Include anything you’d like us to know in the notes section - such as things you’re going through in your life now. It will help us in choosing a quote for you!
4. You will receive a customised quote every morning, before 11am. Each quote is sent individually via WhatsApp, so please bear with us as we work to get them out! They will come to you in various formats, GIFs, texts, articles worth reading and images :)
5. Every Sunday will be reflection day. We will be sending you journal prompts in the evening, on top of your morning quotes, to reflect on your week. You can treat our WhatsApp chat like your digital journal - your secrets are safe with us.

Explaining Our Subscription Fee

Many have asked the rationale behind imposing a subscription fee… and that is because:

  1. Each text is sent personally by someone from our team. Each morning we curate quotes to send to our subscribers based on the theme they chose / any story they have shared with us. Each text is specially curated for you. We will never automate our texts!

  2. We only want people who are really keen in the service to subscribe, and not just because it’s yet-another-freebie-in-the-market. We want to focus our time and effort catering to our subscribers!

  3. 50% of the proceeds will go to the Singapore Association of Mental Health (do note that this is not affiliated to SAMH, we'll just be donating on your behalf)






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