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Writing Good Content Is Like Preparing A Bowl Of Yummy Cereal

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

A good piece of content doesn’t just happen overnight. A lot of thought is required to come up with good content. It may seem easy to string a few words together, but what sets a good piece of content apart is when words are put together meaningfully, for the right audience.

To make this easier to understand, let’s use the process of preparing a bowl of cereal, for a guest you’d like to impress, as an analogy. You’re likely to prepare the cereal in this order:

1. Choosing the right base

You may have a huge variety of cereal at home that you would love to serve your guest, but of course, you can only choose one type of cereal as the base. Which cereal would this guest like? If your guest has a sweet tooth, serving a savoury cereal is definitely not going to impress.

Similarly, you have to streamline your ideas to focus on one topic to base your content on. You’re going to have a lot of ideas, but which topic is your target audience going to enjoy the most? Feed your audience with what they are looking for. That one topic that can leave a lasting impression.

2. Adding a unique touch

How would you make your bowl of cereal stand out? There is nothing special about an ordinary cereal base, unless you add finishing touches that are unique to you. Such as special toppings, the type of milk you use, or even the bowl you choose.

In the same vein, the content piece is not uniquely yours unless you add in touches of your own branding. You need to include a spin to the idea that is fresh, and one that associates with your brand. Otherwise, your content would be no different from all the other content published out there.

3. Serve it fresh and crunchy

Don’t be a bad host, you should only serve cereal that are still fresh and crunchy!

Similarly, your content piece has to be fresh and full of relevant crunch. Come up with content that can be related to what’s trending, avoid talking about what’s no longer relevant in your industry! Be forward thinking in the kind of topics your audience would be interested in.







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