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Workwear Staples By Local Favourites For 2020

With 2020 approaching, it’s time for us to set new goals. One of our favourite goals include refreshing our wardrobe to welcome new workwear staples for the new year! We always believe in getting a few staples that grants us longer mileage, especially those that allows us to mix and match to recreate new outfits. Here are some local, homegrown brands that we love, and offers a good range of workwear staples too!

1. Midi/Maxi dresses

The midi and maxi length dress trend is here to stay. It elongates your silhouette, and it is also work appropriate with a conservative length. Dresses like these helps you take effortless strides and exudes confidence - perfect for the corporate workplace.

We love the pieces by Collate, they are not only effortless and chic, they are also sustainable! These are the kind of Midi/Maxi dress we'd totally recommend everyone to get.

Tip: With a style that’s flattering to most body types, take the dress from office to party by accessorizing with statement earrings or switching a neutral lippie to a darker or brighter shade for the night.

(Editor's note: From the comments on their Instagram, Collate seems to be undergoing restructuring.. so do check before making a purchase!)

2. Oversized blazers

Add a touch of glam by incorporating an oversized blazer to your outfit. A boxier cut provides a relaxed fit yet remains presentable in a formal workplace environment. Some blazers may have ‘power shoulder pads’ that shouts bossbabe vibes and provide a structured look to the outfit.

Here's an example of how to pair your blazer. The linen material of this Our Second Nature blazer makes for a relaxed fit, while not being overly casual.

Tip: If you’re a petite girl, choose a blazer that is your size, don’t size up and risk getting buried by the fabric. Keep one aspect of your top or bottom fitting for contrast.

3. Piece with a twist

Basics with a twist adds a subtle flair to your outfit. If you’re looking to spice up a seemingly monotonous outfit, look for those with an asymmetrical design or an interesting collar, this adds a pop of detail to your overall outfit. We love this top with a self-tied belt, and you can show the bow at the front or the back as you wish!

4. Block heels

A block heel is a sensible choice for your daily commute for work. This versatile piece takes you from day to night and adds some height. We like how timeless the design is, plus point: the block heel provides support without giving you blisters at the end of a long day.

Tip: Consider investing in good gel inserts, these will save your day. Other than providing comfort to your heel, some functions include non-slip grid, so your feet will be supported.

5. A quality, roomy bag

A quality leather bag that’s roomy enough to contain our laptop, makeup pouch and so much more? Count us in! A bag that can complement your workwear and is highly functionable is always a great steal. This piece by Sondag comes with inner compartments, so you’ll be able to organise your items accordingly instead of digging in your bag aimlessly.

Tip: Accessorize your bag with a bag charm or tie a printed scarf on its straps.

6. Statement earrings

Why not pay homage to our heritage and celebrate a part of our culture by wearing these fashion items? These nyonya inspired earrings are exquisite and sets a statement tone to your outfit.

We're sure these earrings will act as a conversation opener! Heritage pieces are a growing trend and we absolutely adore incorporating elements of our culture to wearable fashion pieces.

Tip: Accessories like necklaces and earrings tie an outfit together. Dainty necklaces are in trend, layer them to fuse modern and traditional pieces together.

Which is your go-to workwear staple? Always go for pieces that you know you'll have a longer mileage for!

Debra Low is a freelance social media marketer. She is also a mental health advocate and both a member and volunteer at Hope Alliance, a social enterprise with a focus on mental health wellness. She writes on mental health issues in Medium: https://medium.com/@debralowxt

A huge animal lover, she has 2 cats and previously worked in the animal welfare scene. A good part of her Sundays are dedicated to dog-watching at the dog run of Bishan Park. This little ritual heals her in her 'ruff' days.







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