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The Cereal Boss Babe - A Scoop of Kate's Life

Fun loving and a risk taker all in one, Kate is always on the get-go, ready to start a new adventure. Kate is 29 this year, and counts herself lucky for being able to travel often since she started working.

She has travelled to more than 7 new countries the past year, with her greatest and most memorable adventure being a biking trip from Singapore to Hat Yai, Thailand. Kate enjoys stepping out of her comfort zone, and there’s definitely no doubting that!

Kate also loves fashion, and enjoys the process of being torn between what to wear the next day or during her next holiday. It was also fashion that piqued her interest in photography, and she loved taking #OOTDs. She’s constantly on the lookout for new spots for that perfect #ootd shot. She also goes to great lengths to plan her outfits for her travels in advance - a feat that may be stressful to most of us, but remains something Kate enjoys.

We got to speak to the girl who is always ready for her next adventure because staying at home bores her, here’s what went down.

Q: What inspires / motivates you?

A: I’ve always believed in taking risks and stepping out of my comfort zone. Basically, living my life to the fullest everyday. This keeps me going because I don’t like to just let a day pass by without doing anything productive! It can be anything - like going for new gym classes, exploring new food hunts, a new read or even learning a new language.

Q: If you could find out one thing about your future self, what would you want to know?

A: Oh this is great! I would want to know many things for sure (e.g. which job industry I will stay in, how “aged” will I be, how will my future family be like…) but I guess I will want to know my life expectancy the most!

Life is really unpredictable, accidents happen and illnesses can hit you anytime without warning. If I know how long I will live, I guess I will learn how to treasure the people and things around me more and plan the rest of my days fruitfully (hehe).

Q: What are the ideal attributes you’d love your partner to have?

A: This is a tough question but definitely an important one that everyone needs to think about. I think for me, the most important trait I look for in my partner is open-mindedness. For example, if one party is an introvert and the other party is an extrovert (because you know opposite poles attract :P), it would be important for both parties to open up and communicate with one another.

Introverts tend to be less confrontational and expressive, so they keep their thoughts to themselves. In the long run, it would not be helpful if both parties don’t talk it out as they will not understand what’s on each other’s mind.

Open-mindedness is also important in preventing arguments. For example, being open about sharing your day-to-day schedule, like who you are going out with, where would you be heading to and what time you would be home. Personally, I’d prefer my partner to not keep things from me heh.

The second trait, which is equally important to me, would be loyalty (especially when there’s so many societal temptations out there haha). If you stay committed to your partner, accept his/her flaws and accept who he/she is, then you wouldn’t always think and look out for somebody better. Because nobody is perfect and you will never find someone that matches you completely.

Q: What would you tell your younger self?

A: To love myself more. Self love is so important.

When I was young, I tend to let others determine my happiness and often get very disappointed when people I am close with disappoint me. I always wondered why the people who hurt you could drop it so easily while you are the only one still holding on.

Over the years, I learned to be happy by myself and for myself. To do things that make me happy and not let others determine my happiness, even if it means finding joy in solidarity with myself.

Never settle for anything less than you deserve.

Thank you Kate for joining us on #CEREALBOSSBABE! If you’d like to keep up with Kate’s next adventure, you can find her on her social media platforms here:

Instagram: @katechiclove

Images above from Kate.

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