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The Cereal Boss Babe - A Scoop of Kai Ting's Life

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

We all know it takes a lot of discipline to be self-employed, and our team had the opportunity to get a scoop of Kai Ting’s life. A familiar face on social media, Kai Ting (@kaitinghearts) has 23,500 followers, and often shares about media events and beauty launches on her Instagram. Not only that, her followers often get first dibs on good property deals as Kai Ting’s full-time job is a real estate salesperson!

Kai Ting first joined her husband, Ken, in the real estate industry after graduating from NTU, with the intention to only do it part-time. Along the way, she realised that she enjoyed it and decided to pursue real estate as a full-time career.

“To be honest, I never saw myself doing sales. I don’t think fast on my feet, which is a skill required to excel in a sales job. However, I’m definitely an outspoken and outgoing person, which has brought me many great relationships with my clients. That said, I’m happy to have Ken with me on this journey as the industry is very competitive, and my willingness to share my knowledge can unfortunately be a double edged sword at times. So it’s always great to have a trusted partner to seek a second opinion,” she shares.

“Even though I’ve been in the industry for 3 years, it never gets easier. Some days I have to push myself to complete work tasks before I relax, play or attend events. I mean… We all have our lazy days but I believe it’s healthy to keep working towards my goals, especially when I’m still at the prime age to hustle,” she says.

Discipline is always tricky when you’re self-employed, and here is Kai Ting’s source of motivation.

“I strongly believe in the notion of 先苦后甜, which loosely translates to you’ll reap what you sow. Having the discipline in this industry is not always the easiest because we face a lot of rejection from potential clients everyday. Which is why I also remind myself that each day is going to pass by whether or not I feel happy. I do my best to make the deliberate decision to be positive no matter the rejection I face. This keeps me focused on hustling for the next deal and lightens my mood too.”

Kai Ting attributed her positivity and fighting spirit to her sport of 14 years now - Volleyball. “I love the adrenaline on court and the thrill of scoring points for the team. It’s kinda hard to feel that kind of instant satisfaction elsewhere. Each game is always exciting because anything can happen on the court, and the stronger team may not always emerge the winner. This reminds me that while I may not be as good at certain things compared to others, it does not mean that I won’t be able to succeed or reach my goals. Such motivation really keeps me going,” she shared.

We also went a step deeper to ask Kai Ting some personal questions, and this was what went down.

Q: Tell us more about how you coped with a hurtful experience and emerged stronger.

A: Someone was writing a lot of false accusations online about me, and it was very hurtful to read. It stung badly reading what she had to say, given that she was practically waiting for me to trip. Looking back, this is indeed trivial, but at that moment, I won’t deny that I was really hurt. She had a lot of support from her online following and reading their comments was heart aching as these people didn’t even know me…

I was so close to retaliating on my personal blog, but I eventually held myself back because there was no point. I kept reminding myself that she can’t hurt me with her words online, unless I LET HER - which really helped me feel much better. I was hurt, yet I knew that any form of retaliation was just going to make things worse.

Through this, I learnt how to focus on what matters in my life, and I am truly thankful for Ken. We got married 2 years ago, and I’ve been learning a lot from him everyday about myself. He taught me a great deal on how to let go of such trivial matters, and I drew strength from sharing my concerns with him on this incident. It was a steep learning curve trying to let this slide, when it was so much easier to retaliate. It was a good lesson learnt, and I’m happy I’ve grown as an individual from this incident.

Q: How do you cope with stress?

A: I believe that life is short and many people take on different paths. Who’s to say whether or not you’ve “succeeded”? Success does not mean the same thing to everyone and I believe other than striving hard towards our future goal, we shouldn’t neglect the satisfaction from living in the present. As the saying goes, 休息是为了走更长的路 (sufficient rest is necessary to keep up with the long journey ahead). Do not neglect spending time with your loved ones while working too hard. At the end of the day, we all know that it’s not work/money that will be with us when we leave.

Q: Which lady in your life inspires you the most?

A: I know it’s typical but, my mum!!! All mothers, in fact. It’s so difficult to be a mother - you have to be responsible for one, or even many, human beings and basically give up your whole life just to make sure their well-being comes before yours. You give them unconditional love, you ruin your body and life for them, etc. It’s such a selfless thing to do and I really respect all mothers out there! As for me, I’m not too sure if I’m ready to be a mother myself, but yes I do want kids in the future :)

That’s all we’ve from Kai Ting, folks! In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about her, do follow her social media pages here:

Instagram - @kaitinghearts

Blog - https://kaitinghearts.blogspot.com

Facebook - @kaitinghearts

P.S. Kai Ting’s favourite cereal is Koko Krunch! She loves mixing them in cold fresh milk. Any fellow Koko Krunch fans out there? ;)

Images above belong to Kai Ting.

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