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20 and turning 21 in less than two months, Jeanne is currently in her final year in Singapore Polytechnic, where she’s pursuing a Diploma in Nutrition, Health & Wellness. Jeanne’s name often gets mispronounced as jean, je-anne, or jann - so to clear the air, it’s actually pronounced as ‘genie’, just like the genie in Disney’s Aladdin!

Jeanne loves how her birthday is in January, because it feels like the world is giving her a welcome gift at the start of each year, reminding her to be grateful for everything around her. Lover of all things in the creative realm, Jeanne enjoys exploring interests that allows her to use her creativity, such as baking and writing.

We had the chance to speak to Jeanne to find out what happens behind the scenes of her Instagram account @jeannelawyn, here’s what went down.

Q: What inspires/motivates you?

A: There are two phrases which really resonates with me:

When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose being kind and you’ll always be right. And Carpe Diem quam minimum credula postero.

The first quote famously written by Dr Wayne Dyer talks about how we all struggle with the insecurities of our ego, in particular the insecurity of being wrong. A threatened ego will almost always lash out, which isn’t always right. Trust me, remember this quote and if you find yourself choosing between right and kind. You’ll be the bigger person, lesser drama and just let the universe do its work.

The second phrase translates to “Seize the day, put very little trust in tomorrow (the future)”. I’ve been contemplating to get the word ‘Carpe Diem’ inked on my skin! Isn’t it just so relatable? We now live in a world where we always forget about the present moment and live for the future. We plan so far down ahead. We worry about our next move 5 years down, and even 10 years down. It bugs me every time I find myself thinking, “I’ll get this done tomorrow” “ohh…I’ll start exercising after school holiday starts”. As much as it annoys me, it is a great reminder to live in the present moment because just like I’d always say: nobody said tomorrow is a given anyway. Count your blessings before it’s too late.

Q: How do you cope when the people you love don’t support what you believe in/want to do?

A: It really depends on what the situation is. If you want to do something, I believe you’ll find ways to get it done no matter what they say. I guess I’m just a really strong-headed person and I believe one can do anything they put their mind into. Meeting supportive people does help but meeting the naysayers doesn’t mean things will definitely turn in the wrong direction too.

There’s a saying that we should not blame the circumstances right? You just have to be smart enough to realise if your goals are achievable. Then you find other people, ways, loopholes to get yourself to the place you want. I don’t believe in entertaining negative energy around me at all. It is ultimately, just a projection of their insecurities. You need to be there for yourself before anybody else! Be sure of yourself.

Q: Tell us about something stupid you’ve done before!

A: Hmm not sure if I could say this but when I was young and stupid: I’d always been curious about the fire alarm button around my school with the “press here” sign. So… You guessed what happened. We ran for our lives (shall not drag my partner in crime into this)... :’) Kids don’t do this. Don’t be like me.

Q: If you could find out one thing about your future self, what would you want to know?

A: Have I checked off my bucket list? That’s all that I want to know and the list is secret.

Q: If you won a million dollars, what would you do with it?

A: I’d first buy a property, renovate it, then rent it out for passive income. I’ll hire someone to invest a portion of my money. I’ll give a portion to my parents and my partner’s parents. I’ll hire a financial planner because ain’t got time to read up on my own. Then I’ll drop everything off and travel the world with him. To speak the truth, a million isn't much but travelling definitely would be my priority before having kids.

That's it, cerealfolks! Thank you Jeanne for taking the time to share your life with us. If you'd like to know more about this bundle of positive vibes, you can find her on Instagram @jeannelawyn!

Images above belong to Jeanne.

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