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The Cereal Boss Babe - A Scoop of Jeanne's Life

A fresh graduate from NTU Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Jeanne is soon-to-be joining SIA, where she will start her globe-trotting adventure! Jeanne (pronounced as genie - don’t worry if you’ve butchered it at first), is an avid podcast junkie - she loves OLD and life coach school. She spends her time building her lovely social media page @myjream, and she’s also 24/7 down for anything Pokémon!

Jeanne also shared more about her life with us, and here’s what went down.

Q: What keeps you inspired/motivated? A: A favourite book will be The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.

This book aged really well. I feel that the content still rings through today and almost every obstacle we encounter could easily be resolved by either one of the agreements presented in the book. I highly recommend everyone to learn from his teachings!

Q: What are ideal attributes you’d love your partner to have? A: A great sense of humour, selflessness, compassion. I feel that I am someone who doesn’t have much sympathy but I do empathise a lot. I will appreciate someone whom I can connect on all aspects - be it food (must love and feed me durians haha!), hobbies and values.

Q: If you could find out one thing about your future self, what would you want to know? A: If I will ever have a child of my own. I mean I do enjoy the presence of children given that I teach. I feel that I am quite good with kids but the thought of having my own is just daunting. I feel that kids these days are just under so much influence - but I guess nobody will ever be 100% ready to be a parent!

What is the one thing you’d wish you can find out about your future self? For us, it’s definitely if there’ll be new additions to the cereal family in our nearby grocery store! Thank you Jeanne for sharing bits of your life with us, and if you’d like to find out more about her, you can head over to her social media platform:

Instagram: @myjream

Images above by Jeanne.

“When we share our stories, what it does is, it opens up our hearts for other people to share their stories, and it gives us the sense that we are not alone on this journey.” This quote by Janine Shepherd encapsulates the heart behind the Cereal Boss Babe. We hope the stories shared here will serve as a source of inspiration for women from all walks of life, and a reminder that our lives are not that different after all.

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