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The Cereal Boss Babe - A Scoop of Grace's Life

Currently a penultimate student at Singapore Management University (SMU), Grace just turned 21 this year (and she’s a Leo!). Any fellow Leo #cerealbossbabe out there?

Although she majors in Accountancy, she has a great interest in Marketing as well. She spends most of her time working at events, on part time internships, modelling and of course studying. She enjoys spending her time playing with makeup, experimenting with different outfits, and a hobby we all can resonate with - going on food hunts!

We had the chance to speak with her and find out more about what goes on behind the scenes in her life. Here’s what went down.

Q:What are your favourite skincare brands and why?

A: I am currently switching between Laneige and Fresh Beauty. I prefer my skincare products to be lightweight on my face, especially in the day. It is very important to me because products with a thick consistency can feel rather tacky, which makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Q: Where do you go to shop for makeup and what is your makeup routine?

A: SEPHORA! That goes without saying for most of us girls, I’m sure!

Firstly, I would prime my face with my hands using the Benefit Porefessional Face Primer after my skincare routine. After which, I will apply the Fenty Beauty Foundation onto my face using a beauty sponge. I then draw my brows using Benefit Goof Proof pencil, contour my face using Nudestix contour stick and highlight my face using Becca pressed highlighter. I use UD cherry palette and Fenty Beauty eyeliner for my eyes and tarte blush palette for my cheeks. To make sure my makeup lasts through the day, I use NYX’s setting spray to set my makeup.

Q: What inspires / motivates you?

A: As a frequent user of social media such as Instagram, I follow accounts that post inspiration quotes and empower women. I believe that having a good mindset and healthy mental health is important to get through the day. One way to achieve that is by maintaining a healthy balance between socialising and having sufficient time for myself.

I enjoy alone time as much as hanging out with my friends. Spending time with my myself helps me to re-energise, reflect and level up. It is also important to surround myself with positive people. People who talk about ideas instead of other people. People who are positive and encourage you to be a better version of yourself instead of people who are negative and deter you from achieving your goals.

Q: Tell us more about how you coped with a hurtful experience and emerged stronger.

A: I had my first relationship in 2015. In the beginning, things were great and going relatively smoothly. A year went by and that was when things started to take a turn. I found out that my partner was cheating on me emotionally, to which he said he would not do it again. I decided to give him another chance. In fact I gave him multiple chances. He said he would not do it again but he did it again and again.

In Dec 2016, he went overseas for a month supposedly for a business trip. However, it turned out that he went overseas to meet the woman he was talking to for the past 6 months. This time round, he cheated on me both emotionally and physically. He even got her pregnant.

I was angry, devastated and lost. I started to doubt myself and thought that I was not good enough. I got depressed and insecure and it went on for about 3 months. At that point of time, not many people knew about this. I went through the recovery process on my own. Something just clicked in me one day and I realised that I am the only one who can save myself. I picked myself up and assured myself that the problem was not with me and that it was my partner’s choice to treat me this way. I found my self-worth and I respected myself even more than before.

The journey to recovery was not smooth. There were ups and downs. I started opening up to my friends eventually and they encouraged me to live on and be happy. I am grateful for them as I would not have recovered without their support and encouragement!

Q: What are ideal attributes you’d love your partner to have?

A: Tall, tall, TALL haha as I am 173cm tall and I like to wear heels. I’d love to slightly look up to gaze into his eyes. I like it when someone has their own sense of style and puts in the effort to maintain their image regularly. I am attracted to people who are confident, educated, honest, loyal, mature, and well-mannered. Most importantly, someone who complements me.

That’s all folks! Should you be searching for your next make up product to try, perhaps you could go with the ones Grace has been using. In the meantime if you’d like to find out more about Grace’s life, you can follow her journey on her Instagram @g.ella__!

Images above by Grace.

“When we share our stories, what it does is, it opens up our hearts for other people to share their stories, and it gives us the sense that we are not alone on this journey.” This quote by Janine Shepherd encapsulates the heart behind the Cereal Boss Babe. We hope the stories shared here will serve as a source of inspiration for women from all walks of life, and a reminder that our lives are not that different after all.

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