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The Best Place To Get Your Travel Necessities In Singapore

There are so many good deals to look out for on our sunny island, especially when you're searching for travel necessities! It is a time-consuming process trying to compare prices and find the best deals, so we've shortlisted the top 3 places to get your travel necessities in Singapore. Start searching from these places!

#1: Decathlon

This European sports retailer originates from France, and carries a whole lot of products for suited for any travel itinerary. From winter gear, travel pillows and even sunglasses, they have you covered for all your activities and all kinds of weather. The best part? Their goods are of high quality and yet affordable, you won't need to break the bank to get what you need.

It also helps that all their outlets are as big as a warehouse, so you’ll definitely have a lot of fun while finding the items you need. Make sure that you go in with a game plan, if not I’m sure you’ll be leaving Decathlon with more than what you’re bargaining for. (I don’t think you’ll be complaining, though!)

Find the nearest Decathlon store to you here.

#2: Daiso

We all know that every item in Daiso only costs $2, yet Daiso is not always at the top of our minds when we think of places to get our travel goodies. Daiso literally has everything, and you can definitely find empty bottles for your liquids, bags for your toiletries and more - just not a suitcase though! Our favourite part about Daiso is that we can get vacuum bags at a cheap price, which helps save a lot of space when we pack clothes in.

Plus, Daiso is everywhere! You can find it around most neighbourhoods in Singapore, but we'll recommend the outlets in IMM or Plaza Singapura because those are bigger and often well stocked.

Find the nearest Daiso store to you here.

#3: Don Don Donki

A store that operates 24 hours throughout the year for you to shop? Yes please! Most Don Don Donki outlets in Singapore boasts a labyrinth of discounted items. It is easy to get lost in there, but it’s also easy enough to find what you need for your travels.

You can expect to find travel-sized necessities like toothbrushes and toothpastes and even make-up products! Make a trip to one of their outlets and I’m sure you’ll find all the travel items you need. Furthermore, Don Don Donki sells pretty amazing (and affordable) Japanese food that you can get at the same time - be sure to try for their legendary sweet potato if you happen to catch a short queue! We love their outlet at 313 @ Somerset because it's huge, and the one at City Square Mall is great too.

Find the nearest Don Don Donki Store to you here.

So that’s three places in Singapore where you can find your travel necessities for your holidays. Do let us know if there are more places that you like to visit when shopping and we’ll be sure to add them to our list.

Article submitted by Nicole Koh.

About Nicole: A girl who is currently spending most of her time figuring out if it's possible to watch everything on Netflix and trying to perfect the art of making coffee at the same time. She also spends a bit too much time on Instagram, @neekerole.







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