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Style Inspirations From Singaporean Influencers

A decade ago, the term ‘social media influencer’ would have never rang a bell to you. Today, these famous digital natives have captivated the imagination of millennials with not only their glamourous lives, but also their modern sense of fashion.

If you're looking for the next up and coming style inspiration, these five local social media personalities have got you covered.

1. Andrea Chong (@dreachong)

The founder of DC Creative is at the top of her game. In 2015, she was awarded Fashion Icon of the Year by the Singapore Social Media Awards, and she hasn't stopped climbing in the fashion scene. One would also recall her collaborations with G2000, Superga and The Closet Lover. Andrea is also the ambassador for the H&M Studio Spring/Summer 2019 line, which is the epitome of the new-age working woman and her sense of style embodies it well! We especially dig the power red blazer that Andrea’s decked in here, not to mention the matching bottoms.

Living up to her fashionista title, Andrea is able to pull off multiple styles. For example, she tends to switch up her fashion style when she goes on a vacation. Check out @dreachong (if you haven’t already, but how could you?) to see her go boho chic! You're bound to find a style you like on her Instagram - mark our words, you'll be inspired.

2. Saffron Sharpe (@saffronsharpe)

Social media personality Saffron Sharpe is also known as the ex-host of popular YouTube talk-show Real Talk by Millennials of Singapore. Outspoken, bubbly and spontaneous, the ex-blogger has managed to stay true to herself and is unafraid to show the world, via her Insta Stories, her daily shenanigans as a true-blue local. The New Paper New Face alumnus has recently left our sunny island to pursue a degree in media and communications at Goldsmiths, University of London.

A word to describe her style would be flashy: the free spirited 22 year old passes off as a 70s glamour girl when decked in animal prints and popping technicolour outfits. What’s also interesting is her penchant for chic fanny packs as a finishing touch to her fun get-ups. If we’re talking shoes, elegant black leather boots or neon wedges are always her go-to as they add an element of sophistication to the look.

Be sure to keep tabs on her Instagram account, @saffronsharpe, as she continues to bless us with photos of her trend-setting fall ensembles in London!

3. Christabel Chua (@bellywellyjelly)

Pastel blazers, floral rompers, basic white tees – local fashion and girl-next-door beauty blogger Christabel Chua has tried (and rocked) them all. The founder of kāi allows herself to tinker around with different fashion styles. One thing’s for sure: she never tries too hard with her outfits, and they pack a punch all the same.

Beyond being a fashion inspiration, Christabel also inspires many to keep their heads up, and their heart strong during their darkest days. She is unafraid of sharing her emotions, just like how she's bold in trying new styles. Today, she is fearless, bubbly and rocking that long mermaid skirt (pic below).

Do visit @bellywellyjelly for your daily dose of fashion inspiration!

4. Hanya Seah (@hanyaseah)

Maybe it’s just me, but this influencer is giving me some serious Billie Ellish vibes. Marketing executive by day and jewellery artist by night, Hanya Seah is a breath of fresh air and far from the typical influencer you’d follow on various social media platforms. Her sense of style – think oversized jackets, sweeping baggy pants and chunky belts – is a major confluence of mainstream, tomboy and grunge. Believe me when I say that she would probably never be caught dead in floral Midi dresses or feminine Peplum tops.

And of course, who could possibly forget her love for sneakers? Her get-ups are mostly, if not always, paired with sneakers of all sorts; Air Jordan 1s and Nike Air Max 1 Atmos come to mind.

Follow @hanyaseah to watch the 25 year old deviate from the mainstream with outfits that scream attitude.

5. Nellie Lim (@nellielim)

There’s a saying that goes: “some become leaders, whilst others followers”. Indeed, while most of us are scrambling to keep up with the latest fashion trends, Nellie sets them without so much as a backward glance.

You can always trust the creative director of @nelliestudios to be three steps ahead of the game. That she gets invited to some of the biggest fashion shows in the world – Ralph & Russo, Longchamp and the like – speaks volumes about and is practically a big nod to her sense of style. Her looks are effortlessly classy, avant-garde and even futuristic. I mean, just check out her fiery outfit below!

Give Nellie (@nellielim) a follow to stay updated with her latest runway looks.

Who's your favourite social media personality for fashion inspirations?

Article submitted by Lim Jia Ying.

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