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Skincare Hacks For Your Travels

If you're looking to travel light without having to shortchange your skincare regime, here are some beauty hacks for your travels - coming from someone who has lived abroad for a couple of years! We're talking about minimizing your whole skincare routine while travelling, and working towards beauty hacks that we think are extremely beneficial for your long trips around the country. Here's our top five travel beauty hacks.

#1: Make Use Of Contact Lens Cases

Contact lens cases aren’t only for your contacts, they also make perfect mini travel containers. If you haven't already tried this hack, where have you been?! We would recommend packing a few of your cases with single use liquids and gels so that you can have them on the go. The contents can range from toothpaste, sunscreen, to anything you’d need (and want). What’s more – it will definitely pass the airport security.

#2: Cotton Pads Are A Lifesaver

Cotton pads aren’t only for toners or cleaning away your make up, they’re perfect for keeping your compact safe and sound. It is just a horrible feeling when you open your compact make-up only to find it shattered into pieces. Keep them secure by placing cotton pads inside your compact, it will protect the powder and prevent it from breaking.

#3: Duty-Free Is Your Best Friend

Air travel can cause your skin condition to fluctuate and become rather dry, and it is a must to moisturise before. However, it might be a hassle to bring bottles of lotions, depending on how long your flight is going to be. That’s where the samples at the duty-free stores come in handy, just wash your face and pop-on some moisturiser. (Not for the shy-hearted ones, though.)

#4: Make Use Of Multipurpose Make-Up

You don’t have to carry all of your make-up with you on your trip! We would suggest going make-up free but if you find yourself needing that extra bit of coverage – make use of products that can double up. For instance, your lipstick can be used as an eyeshadow, blush and a slight highlight – that’s four in one. BB creams and CC creams also act as a replacement for foundation by being moisturiser and light foundation in one, some even include SPF so there’s no need for sunscreen.

#5: Put Your Makeup Brushes In A Spectacle Case

Now, we all struggle trying to pack our brushes into our luggage, because we often find them with their bristles messed up. Here’s a hack that we swear by - put them into empty spectacle cases. These cases are hard enough, and they’ll protect your brushes from getting squashed, even protecting them from dust!

All these hacks have been tried and tested, do let us know how it goes when you incorporate it in your travels next time!

Article submitted by Nicole Koh.

About Nicole: A girl who is currently spending most of her time figuring out if it's possible to watch everything on Netflix and trying to perfect the art of making coffee at the same time. She also spends a bit too much time on Instagram, @neekerole.







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