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Should You Tie Your Hair To Sleep?

To most of us girls, our hair is one of our prized possessions. We go to great lengths to keep our mane healthy, and we all know how a good hair day instantly makes the day a whole lot better. Similarly, we’ve all experienced disastrous hair cuts or dyes that went wrong.

While it seems like a no-brainer that one should not tie their hair to sleep, all the Get Ready With Me Youtube videos and I Woke Up Like This Instagram shots with girls having their hair tied up in bed probably may have caused some doubts.

Well, the answer is clear. No, you should not tie your hair to sleep!

If you tie your hair to sleep, you will be pulling against the roots of your hair, not giving it time to rest. Especially if you’re the kind who ties a messy bun to sleep, your hair is going to spend hours in a distorted state and it will only lead to easy breakage.

Of course, you may argue that you want to achieve soft and wavy natural curls by braiding your hair to bed. That’s not impossible, just be sure not to pull it too tight near your roots!

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We spend at least a quarter of our day sleeping, and just like a good night skincare routine, we should also incorporate good haircare sleeping habits.

1. Don’t Tie Your Hair!

Yup, and if you really need to, consider using a scrunchie.

2. Use A Silk Pillowcase

The typical cotton pillowcase, while comfy, causes unnecessary friction between our pillow and our hair while we’re tossing around in bed at night. This increases the chance of breakage. Using a silk pillowcase prevents friction, and can we also say - it’s extremely comfy! You'll probably feel like a royalty.

3. Make Sure Your Hair Is Dry

It is not just an old folk’s tale, that if you sleep with your hair wet, you’ll develop frequent migraines because you’re allowing “wind to enter your body”. Your hair is at its weakest when wet, and if you sleep with wet hair it’s going to cause breakage. Consider a microfibre towel to get it dry faster.

4. Apply Hair Oil

We all know the regime of applying thicker moisturisers to nourish our skin when we sleep at night, right? It works the same for your hair! The best time to apply hair oil is right before you sleep so that your hair can absorb all the nutrients while you’re recharging.

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5. Brush Your Hair

Do. Not. Go. To. Bed. With. Tangled. Hair! Sleeping with tangled hair is definitely going to give you even more knots in your mane when you wake up. Use a tangle teezer to comb through your hair - but don’t overdo it too, unless you’re Rapunzel.

Keeping your hair nourished and safe is just as important as your holy grail skincare regime. After all, the state of the hair we wake up in is going to affect the rest of our look for the day!







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