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Say Hello to Naysayers

A naysayer, according to Dictionary.com is “a person who criticizes, objects to, or opposes something”. Taken into the Singapore context, a naysayer would be someone who goes “Aiya, you confirm cannot make it one la. So many people fail, you think you can meh?

There are many naysayers present in our life, and the level of toxic energy from these people can get overwhelming. Our natural instinct is to shun away from them, and we may even feel hurt when those words come from close friends. Instead of letting naysayers get to us, we can turn this to our advantage, and emerge winners in such situations.

1. Hear Them Out

At this juncture you must be thinking - WAIT. WHAT? Yes, contrary to most advice given out there, we’ll recommend you let them rattle off and hear them out. Naysayers tend to present you with the million ways that you could fail, which can be beneficial if you find logic in one or two of them and avoid making those mistakes. By hearing them out, you also give them a chance to say their piece, keeping them at bay with their nasty comments for awhile.

2. Switch On Your Filter

In those instances where these naysayers are close friends or loved ones, you can’t really avoid them. What you can do is to listen and remind yourself that they have your best interests at heart, and are just worried for you and the decision you’re about to make. Switch on your filter, let them share their thoughts but the key is to hold your response, so that they’ll run out of things to talk about. Alternatively, just filter what you tell certain people if you foresee them being a naysayer!

3. Let Your Results Speak For Itself

If there’s anything that can keep a naysayer quiet immediately, it’s results. When you’re able to show results, there really isn’t anything to criticise anymore. If they do, you can very well conclude they’re being sour grapes. That said, don’t be a b*tch and slap the results in their face, you’ll come across as a total show-off. Just keep hustling, and when people start seeing things work out they’ll stop breathing down your neck.

Honestly, you don’t need to shun these naysayers or let them affect you. Always remember what led you to your decision, don’t be easily swayed by the words of others, and time will speak for itself! We leave you with the example the Dictionary used in its definition of naysayer - "he continues to win, despite the many naysayers" ;)








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