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Just 5 Steps to Energise Your Day

You don’t need to be a morning person in order to have a good morning. People who claim that they’re a morning person are the ones who found a morning routine that works for them, which helps to set their day right. Here’s a 5 step morning routine that you can start with to be that morning person as well!

1. Set your alarm a little earlier

Give yourself a little time to ease into the day every morning. Waking up a little earlier gives you the flexibility to cruise through your morning instead of rushing the moment you open your eyes. If you do this, chances are you’ll be tempted to hit the snooze button because you’re still early, right? WRONG! Snoozing makes the start of your day groggy so don’t do that.

2. Use an old school alarm clock

Most of us rely heavily on our phones to be our alarm clocks. The downside to this is starting our day with unnecessary screen time, mindless scrolling through social media, or being bombarded with a whole bunch of notifications. These cause mornings to feel a lot more cluttered than it should be. Using an old school alarm clock prevents you from snoozing, and allows you to start your day without the distractions on your smartphone!

3. Do a quick morning stretch

Once you start doing morning stretches, trust us when we say you won’t look back. When we sleep, our muscles tend to be stiff from being in the same position all night - a good stretch loosens your muscles and makes you feel less tense throughout the day! If you’re not sure what you should be doing for a morning stretch, we’ve embedded a video at the end of this article that we personally enjoy following every morning.

4. Have a hearty breakfast

Always choose something nutritious for your first meal of the day! This meal kickstarts your digestive system’s engine, and your body also absorbs the bulk of nutrients from your first meal. If you’re pressed for time, standby fruits the night before to make a quick smoothie, or just grab a banana and go. Otherwise we’ll recommend taking it slow and have a nice lovely breakfast - it’s pretty therapeutic!

5. Run through your goals

Now that you’re all set and ready, the last step to ensuring your time is spent productively is to list down your goals and tasks for the day. Being task-oriented and listing them down ensures you remain in control, and you can see what’s left to do at one glance. No need to worry about missing anything out as well, which makes you less jittery and focused on what’s on hand.

We can all be a morning person if we want to, and it all starts from incorporating a simple routine to energise both your mind and body. Try these 5 steps out and tell us how it goes!

P.S. As promised, here’s the YouTube video you can follow to stretch out those muscles in the morning in just 10 minutes.







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