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Do Good, Feel Good: Top 5 Places To Volunteer In Singapore

Life is too short to simply eat, work, sleep and repeat. To make your days more meaningful and rewarding, why not give volunteering a shot? Granted, you may not be able to singlehandedly create world peace, but trust me when I say that your actions will make a concrete difference to the people around you. With that, here are 5 organisations to which you can lend your skills and a helping hand!

1. Migrant x Me

At the heart of Migrant x Me’s work is the belief that migrant workers have their stories to tell and challenges to overcome. Far from being a labour force statistic, migrant workers are human beings with both dreams and fears.

The social enterprise aims to change the predominant, and oftentimes negative, narrative surrounding the migrant worker community in Singapore. In a bid to raise awareness and dispel any prejudices locals may have towards migrant workers, Migrant x Me organises a good range of experiential, open-to-public walks and educational workshops.

Migrant x Me is currently looking for social media marketing volunteers, event ambassadors, trainers/facilitators, designers and photographers to join their cause. Drop them an email at hello@migrantxme.com to discuss these volunteering opportunities in further detail. Alternatively, you can visit @migrantxme to support the meaningful activities that they do!

2. Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)

Passionate about women empowerment and gender equality? You might want to consider volunteering with the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE). Since their official establishment in 1985, the prominent gender equality advocacy group has tirelessly worked with politicians and civil society groups alike to make changes to the Women’s Charter and laws on domestic violence. Their persistent fight for gender equality has resulted in numerous policy modifications thus far and helped uplift the lives of many women. However, AWARE is just getting started, and welcomes like-minded individuals to join them in creating change.

Currently, the non-profit organisation has open volunteer positions such as writers/editors, graphic designers and researchers. Do visit AWARE’s official website for more information.

3. Singapore Police Force

Want to do your part in fighting crime? Or do you simply wish to realise your childhood dream of becoming a police officer? Joining the Volunteer Special Constabulary, or VSC for short, will confer you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enforce the rule of law in Singapore. To ensure that you are able to carry out your police duties effectively, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) will equip you with the necessary training and a rigorous orientation programme.

All set to protect your loved ones and fellow Singaporeans? Contact the SPF’s volunteer engagement team at SPF_VSC_HQ_Recruitment@spf.gov.sg today.

4. New Life Stories

New Life Stories (NLS) is a non-profit organisation that offers support to children of incarcerated mothers. NLS equips them with opportunities to hone their reading and other educational skills. The organisation’s in­-prison and after ­care support, as well as Early Reader programme, ensure that no child is left behind in their formative years of growth and cognitive development.

If you wish to make a difference to the lives of children and their mothers, you can choose to become a Learning Friend in the Early Learner programme, or Befriender to NLS’s incarcerated mothers. Click here for deets!

5. National University Cancer Institute Singapore

It’s common knowledge that cancer is Singapore’s biggest killer. As a matter of fact, 16 people die from cancer every day.

Despite the bleak statistic, there is hope. This is where the National University Cancer Institute Singapore (NCIS) comes into play: the former is dedicated towards the fight against cancer. The institute has conducted many outreach programmes to raise awareness of cancer and the various ways to prevent it. Furthermore, it has in place a variety of care programmes, like craft making, as a form of catharsis for patients and ways to cope with their illness.

The NCIS welcomes volunteers from all walks of life. Some of the volunteering options offered include being involved in the NCIS Befrienders Programme and their cancer awareness roadshows. Keen to be part of the NCIS family? Email noel_ng@nuhs.edu.sg to indicate your interest.

If you're looking for something meaningful to do in your spare time - you can start by volunteering for one of these five organisations!

Article submitted by Lim Jia Ying.

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