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Cheerio Christmas Day 6: Lijoy Life Casting

For Day 6 of Cheerio Christmas, we have with us the Founder of Lijoy Life Casting, Hui Li. Lijoy Life Casting was launched in September 2019, providing a bespoke life casting service. Inspired by what happens around us everyday, Hui Li shares more on the business idea behind Lijoy Life Casting, and her goals for 2020.

Q: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

A: You know how when you see children you haven’t seen in awhile and you go, “Oh my, you were still so small when I last saw you!”, or “Wa so big already ah! Last time you were so small!”.

It reminded us that those little hands and feet we see will only be this small and tiny once in their lives. As much as photos are able to capture the precious memories, at Lijoy Life Casting, we aim to preserve precious moment of joy with delicate life-sized impressions of the little hands and feet!

We keep our designs simple and timeless to ensure that the finished product will still look amazing after years. And as our tagline goes: “Timeless designs. Frozen in time.”

Q: How has 2019 been for your business, and what are you looking forward to in 2020?

A: We are still considered a newborn in 2019, but we’re definitely looking forward to launching more designs and growing bigger just like the babies we have casted in the new year!

Q: What are the greatest joys and challenges running this business?

A: Our greatest joy is definitely getting to meet all the cute babies and adorable toddlers! Those smiles we get during casting sessions just melts our hearts! One of the challenges will be getting toddlers to stay still for the entire duration of one to two minutes in order to get their mould taken. We always do whatever it takes to distract them such as singing and playing games!

Q: What’s unique about your Lijoy Life Casting?

A: We usually head over to our client’s house and conduct a complimentary casting session, so that the baby or toddler will feel more at east in a familiar environment! We also provide gift cards, which we felt have made for amazing gifts for baby shower or birthdays - definitely something more precious and unconventional compared to the usual clothes and diapers!

For Christmas, you can also get a special Christmas globe casting called "Sparkle". A snow globe inspired baby casting with customised holographic name and glitter - it sounds just like the perfect gift for new parents this Christmas.

If you’d like to get a special, unique gift for a little one you know, or for your own little one, here’s where you can find them:

Website: www.lijoylifecasting.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lijoylifecasting

Facebook: www.facebook.com/lijoylifecasting

Images above provided by Hui Li / Lijoy Life Casting. Thank you Hui Li for joining us on this feature today!







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