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Cheerio Christmas Day 2: 5 Things To Do For Yourself This December 2019

As we start bidding farewell to 2019, let's take December to slow down, pause, and decide what we want to do in this last month to make our year memorable. With the new year just around the corner, you may already be listing down your New Year Resolutions. Why not act on it now, instead of waiting for 2020 to come around?

1. Be less afraid to fail

We have all let the fear of failure get the better of us. It's normal to be afraid to fail, especially when we're venturing into something unknown. The study of psychology suggests that the fear of failure can paralyse people into inaction and inertia. Yes, we are so afraid of feeling ashamed in the aftermath of a possible failure that we end up sticking to the status quo.

We often ask ourselves, what if I fail? what if my friends judge me? what if I'm not good enough? However we always forget to ask ourselves: what if I succeed?

As American baseball player Babe Ruth once suggested, “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. The most difficult part is taking a step out of your comfort zone to try something new. Take time to encourage yourself, rationalise your fears, and be a little less afraid to fail as you take a step forward this December.

And who knows, your leap of faith may very well turn out to be worth it.

2. Make time to do what keeps your soul happy

You've spent the past 11 months hustling, so take this last month to slow down and make time to do what keeps you happy. The pursuit of our goals will never end, so it is important we know how to find the balance and keep the joy in our hearts going!

Whether or not you had an easy or tough year, you still deserve a pat on your back for making it to the end of 2019. Go ahead and engage in activities that keeps your soul in high-spirits, and make the end of 2019 a memorable one.

Happiness is wealth, and a happy heart keeps you going even in the face of adversity!

3. Eliminating Toxic Relationships

It’s never easy to cut-off a toxic relationship, be it one with your co-worker, friend or romantic partner. But such relationships are detrimental to your mental and emotional health, and if you're sad and angry way more than you're happy when you're with someone – well, it is time to walk away, or at least start to distance yourself.

At times, we can get so used to being in a toxic relationship, we kinda make that our comfort zone. However, being around people who belittles your worth and hurt you with their behaviour is not good at all. You deserve better! While it's not easy, learn to set boundaries with the people that don't treat you right.

4. Self-Love

Alas, we are such self-critical beings. We torment ourselves by taking not only one, but multiple trips down Memory Lane just to cringe at the things we’d said and done in the past. Worse yet, we compare ourselves to others just to end up feeling bitter and never good enough. If it is second nature for us to lift our friends up and shower them with affirmation and encouragement, why then do we beat ourselves up over the slightest of mistakes?

The best (not to mention longest!) relationship you will ever have in life is with yourself. At the end of the day, you are your own best friend and confidante, so treat yourself better and don’t be so hard on yourself. Place your self-love journey at the top of your priority this month, and treat yourself just like how you'd treat your loved ones.

5.Breathe & know I did my best

Admit it, the worrywarts in us overthink way too much for our own good. We let the actions and words of others replay like an endless loop in our heads. We care too much about getting judged. We fret over business proposals, reports and appraisals. Simply put, the prospect of things going wrong just haunts us to no end. That we have no say over some events in our lives rattles us even more and leaves us feeling unnerved.

Your anxieties are valid; don’t dismiss or try to push them aside. Take all the time you need to feel them. This December, remember to take a deep breath and exhale your worries. Trust that it will all work out in good time, and acknowledge that you are doing your best.

Here's to a hearty December 2019!

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