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Cheerio Christmas Day 17: Lilin Gallery

Time flies, and we’re now at Cheerio Christmas Day 17! For today’s feature, we had a chat with Nur, Founder of Lilin Gallery, to find out more about their brand and what they do. Lilin Gallery curates blissful scents through soy-scented candles to add on to the cozy vibes in homes - and we kid you not, they smell amazing!

Q: Tell us more about your business!

A: This brand is actually founded by my sister & I, so I guess you really can say we are an impeccable duo-sister team! Although we live separately, namely in Singapore and Australia, we are both passionate about beautiful scents that enhance life at home. So we started creating soy scented candles, hand pouring each one with love in the comforts of our home, and we hope brings you the same level of comfort too.

We first launched in September and we thought we should do something different, so our first collection of soy scented candles were actually food themed! Think scents like caramel popcorn and lemonade - yums.

Q: What was your goal when you first started?

A: We really set out wanting to share our love for scented soy candles with Singapore and then go beyond – this means creating candles with unique scents that suit personal favourites (candles that are fun, refreshing or relaxing) without breaking the bank.

Q: Are you working towards anything exciting?

A: We are kicking off our first series of candle-making workshops in December and February where participants will learn more about soy candles and how to make them. Participants will also get to bring home a set of candle-making kit for them to try again in the comforts of home! We believe it’s going to be great fun, so we’re really excited.

Nur has also kindly extended a promocode for all the soy scented candles from now till 24th December! We feel these candles make for a perfect gift, especially since they’re made with love. Quote <SCENTEDCEREAL> for 5% off storewide at checkout to enjoy the promotion! Do note that courier fee will still be applicable.

Here’s where you can find these lovely soy scented candles from Lilin Gallery.

Website: https://lilingallery.shoptiqstore.com.sg/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilin.gallery/

Images above from Nur / Lilin Gallery. Thank you for joining us on Cheerio Christmas, and for sending some love our way - your scented candles have been a huge companion while we’re working late nights!







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