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Cheerio Christmas Day 11: Whimsy Greens

For Cheerio Christmas Day 11, we’re happy to feature a brand that’s a little different, Whimsy Greens! Fueled by imagination, Whimsy Greens started less than 2 months ago on 27th September 2019, with the goal of giving plants a character to bring smiles to people. The hands behind Whimsy Greens, An Yi, wanted to share her love for plants with people, which led to the birth of Whimsy Greens.

We speak with An Yi to find out more about what she does, and her idea behind this whimsical themed brand.

Q: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

A: It all started with a good laugh! We name the plants we have at home and sometimes imagine what they will say to us when we don't water them when we are away and they get burnt from the heat. Or what they will think of my tendency to over water them that they end up drowning.

That’s how we started imagining - what would our plants say to us if they could talk? One thing led to another and we started Whimsy Greens to share this humour and give plants different characters and create happy plants fueled by imagination! We also hope to bring smiles to the receiver of Whimsy Greens.

Q: Is your business idea tied to any personal story?

A: I have always loved plants, not so much flowers, but plants! When I started dabbling with succulent propagation in 2014, I was so mesmerised by the quiet strength and resilience succulents have. You can break the leaf off a succulent plant and a new plant will emerge from the separated leaf, and if you're lucky, a small succulent leaf will regrow from the leaf it was broken from.

It’s like they don't ever realise that they were broken from the mother plant and they just continue growing, they just don't know how to give up! It really is amazing. If you've noticed, in between the cracks of sidewalks, sometimes a small plant emerges, and sometimes we even flowers. That’s the thing about plants, they have the tenacity to keep growing and get past the obstacles present to reach what they need - sunlight and water. It is fascinating to think how plants will in its quiet and graceful ways will always try their best to survive and bloom - giving up is never an option for them, and should never be an option for us too.

We’re not sure about you, but we’re definitely looking at plants in a different light now onwards! You can find Whimsy Greens on Instagram here.

If you’d like to share a life-ly and meaningful gift this Christmas with your loved one, Whimsy Greens has kindly extended a 10% discount for their limited edition Christmas cactus, Ruth! Quote <WHIMSYCHRISTMAS> when you drop them a DM on Instagram with your order, and you’ll be able to get your hands on this cute cactus that’s all ready for the festive season, at a promotional price of $22.50 (U.P. $24.90). Know a friend who would love this? Now’s your chance to get this for them!

*Do note that delivery is an additional fee of $10, from 21 to 23 Dec between 11am – 5pm. Free self pick-up at Punggol MRT station!

Images above belong to An Yi. Thank you An Yi for joining us on Cheerio Christmas! We’re excited to see Whimsy Greens in more homes - and continue bringing smiles to those around you.







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