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Cheerio Christmas Day 1: The Project J

For Day One of Cheerio Christmas, we’re excited to feature The Project J, and the story behind the brand. There’s no better way to start this festive season, with a brand that truly believes and is built on the true meaning behind Christmas.

The Project J was birthed in May 2017. The heart behind this brand is to empower people to know Jesus through meditation on the Bible and the culture of journaling SO THAT one can project Jesus rightly to the world.

Their best-selling flagship products are journals. Each journal focuses on a different theme - prayer, word, identity, freedom, worship, dream, and etc. The journals are designed with verses, quotes, reflection questions that are focused around each theme, and allows for plenty of space to write/doodle - the end goal is to help users focus on each theme in each season - and ultimately to see and know God’s heart in all seasons!

We had the chance to speak with Promise, the founder of The Project J, as she shared her thoughts about the business, and her hopes for it in 2020.

Q: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

A: Haha good question, I get this all the time.

Honestly, it’s simple but true. God. It’s all from God. Just enjoying God and being in His presence allow one to have a glimpse of His heart. From there, it’s really putting it into system, structures, and following where His peace guides you.

The truth is that He desires for all of us to know Him and be free from bondages. The key to a transformed life is a renewed mind. The darkest place on earth is not a country or city, but it’s our minds. It’s important that we take time to eat the scroll (read the Bible) and reflect on His Truth. This is the shield and sword we need as we go into battle with our minds on a daily basis.

And that’s really why our flagship products are journals. We want to keep promoting the culture of journaling - intentionally taking time and meditating on His Truth, processing and aligning our thoughts with God. Those thoughts that don’t align with His truth needs to be THROWN out of our minds.

Q: Is your business idea tied to any personal story?

A: I’m not sure if it’s personal but here’s the short story:

I left my job in late 2016 and was spending time praying and enjoying God. One day, I was just praying for humans in the world who were trapped in a dark place, or trafficked and etc. I broke down in tears and asked God where is He in their lives now. And a small voice spoke to my heart — I am in all of you. All of you are supposed to be Jesus to the world.

I stopped and could barely comprehend what was said. There and then, there was a deep desire to grow and empower believers to know how good God is - so that we can be an accurate presentation of God to the world. We are the LIGHT to this world!

That’s in a nutshell how The Project J started. I wasn’t searching for a business idea, honestly, I was praying for a new job because I just moved into my new place and needed the money to pay for the monthly loan.

But God knows better. It’s been a journey of faith, we started with the very little we had, and God has multiplied it to feed more people than we could ever imagine. His provision is another story to tell — but let’s just say that — when we trust God and follow His leading, we truly truly lack nothing.

Q: How has 2019 been for your business, and what are you looking forward to in 2020?

A: 2019 has been amazing! We get to hear many stories of individuals who wrote to us via IG / emails of how the journals have been a blessing. Some shared their stories of deep pain, and we are so honoured to be able to walk with them through part of their journey.

That’s really why we do what we do. More than selling the physical journals, honestly, we just want to shine light in the darkness. We dream of a world that is so hungry for His Light, His truth, and desire fully to impact lives for Jesus. 2019 has been a journey of faith, and we are so thankful for everyone who has encouraged and cheered us on this whole year! We made some mistakes, tried stuff, and grown.

2020 is going to be so powerful too. We are so excited for that already! You guys can look forward to more collaborations for a good cause, more journals, more TPJ gatherings, and more publications! That’s as much as I can share for now! 😉 But we are excited to grow deeper in love with Jesus and His people with you!

Q: What are the greatest joys and challenges running this business?

A: Greatest joy — knowing that God is delighted and pleased. The joy of His heart.

Greatest challenge — self doubt. There were many days I’ve to fight the thoughts that what we are doing here in TPJ is useless and meaningless. The devil tries to plant bad thoughts in our minds everyday. That’s why it’s so important to lean in to HIS voice daily. And the truth (which gives me a lot of freedom and takes off any pressure) is that yes I can’t but GOD CAN and HE WILL.

Q: What would you say to someone who’s looking to start their own business?

A: Go for it!! But don’t start JUST because of money. He will provide. Hear His heart, build His dream first. God will never shortchange you. Remember Matthew 6:33. ◡̈ Proceed with your idea and bounce it off a trusted few, before working out a plan. Be creative, and don’t put yourself or God in a box. God is always about growing our heart and character first. Enjoy the ride!

We hope you’ve been blessed by this story, and encouraged to take a leap of faith if you’re about to venture into a new business idea you’ve been mulling over. Like how Promise puts it, God is for you, not against you ;)

In celebration of the festive season, Promise has kindly extended a promocode for all of you to enjoy this Christmas season. Quote <TPJ15> at checkout to enjoy 15% off, with a minimum order of $35! Do note the promotion is valid from 1 Dec to 8 Dec. Happy shopping and be blessed with the perfect gift of Christmas.

Here's where you can get your hands on these lovely journals:

Website - https://www.theprojectj.com/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/theprojectjsg/

Images above belong to Promise, from The Project J. Thank you for joining us on Cheerio Christmas!







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