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Updated: Jan 9

Content marketing takes advantage of the digital age to pull your customers in. Customers do not like aggressive sales attempts or pushy salespeople anymore (think flyers, roadshows, etc), and they prefer to search for answers on the web. Content marketing helps to bring in potential customers when your page provides quality information and insight on the topic they're interested in.

Learn how to craft unique content suited for your niche and be a thought leader in your industry. Publishing articles everyday may not always be the key to success, your content strategy has to be focused, and you must learn how to market your content!

Who is this workshop for?

1. People who wants to be a blogger, but do not know where to start

2. Entrepreneurs who are tight on budget and can't afford hiring a full-fledged content agency

3. Existing brand owners who wants to kickstart a strong content marketing strategy to draw in more customers and inbound leads

4. Self-Employed (Financial Advisors / Property Agents / Small E-Commerce Owners / Home Studio Owners) looking to create relevant content that matters to existing and potential customers

What's unique about our workshop?

1. You get personal attention. Online courses and public workshops are great for introductory knowledge, but what we'll provide is personal coaching so we'll cover what's most important to you and your brand, and apply it with you. Each workshop is capped at 3pax, and you can sign up with your friends for special rates!

2. We will not sell any of our services to you, *pinky promise! We will be working on content strategy templates together that would serve as a good foundation for you to go back and continue the work yourself. We believe in empowering businesses to bring the work in-house, and not rely on a third party - it's not sustainable and never cost efficient!

3. For the first 2 weeks after your workshop, you'll be able to contact us for free consultation / advice

How long will the workshop be?

The workshop will be capped at a maximum of 4 hours long. This depends on the content needs of your brand, and how fast we're able to form a foundation together!

What is the structure of the workshop?

There is no fixed structure - and that's the perk of private workshops! This depends on your level of understanding and comfort in moving on to the next segment. If you have questions, we will be happy to go through them. The allowance for fluidity in our workshops also mean that we'll have time to bounce ideas with each other.

What will we learn, and work on?

  • Content Goals - what do you want to achieve from your content?

  • An Introduction To Content Marketing Landscape

  • Content Marketing Best Practices

  • Keyword Research

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Content Strategy - who is your target audience, and how are you going to get their attention?

  • Exploring Content Platforms - which is the best for your brand?

  • Content Curation Brainstorm - what ideas would work best to achieve your goals?

  • Content Metrics - how do you measure ROI?

  • Importance Of Community

  • Nurturing Inbound Leads

  • Content Syndication

  • Templates For Content Strategy, Calendar, Brainstorm

  • Introduction To Digital Marketing - Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads

How do I sign up?

If you have any questions, would like to find out more, or you're ready to sign up - please drop us an email at academy@thecerealwriter.com and we'll be in touch shortly.







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