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Be a Cereal Killer in Singapore

Calling all aspiring cereal killers in Singapore! If you’re a huge cereal fan, here’s a list of the the local cereal must-trys. They’re bound to satisfy all your cravings, both sweet and savoury.

1. The Cereal Citizen

Image Credit: The Cereal Citizen

The Cereal Citizen and their unique creations have been the talk of the town this year - especially so in local events, such as Market on Wheels. Pictured above is their signature Crododo, which is a croissant shaped as a donut, and topped with your favourite cereals. Not only are these #foodporn, they taste really good too! They are a tad sweet though, so if you’re not big on sweet stuff, we recommend you share it with a friend.

The Cereal Citizen can only be found during events. If you’re interested to find out where they’d be heading next, be sure to follow them on their Instagram.

2. Randy Indulgence

Image Credit: Randy Indulgence

Fancy a yummy bowl of cereal in the heart of Singapore’s CBD? Well, you can get your cereal fix at Randy Indulgence! Besides having a range of cereal for you to choose from, they also have superfood acai bowls.

All cereal orders are also served with a small bowl of chia seed pudding and fresh milk, making it the perfect healthy breakfast treat. Especially on Mondays to chase away the Monday blues before the week’s hustle, don’t you think? Or, dabao your order back to office and make all your colleagues envious!

For more information: Website | Instagram

3. Maxi Coffee Bar

Image Credit: Shop House Humans

If you’re a huge cereal killer (i.e. cereal fan), why not try a cup of cereal latte too? Maxi Coffee Bar serves a variety of food and drinks, but you should definitely try their highly raved Cereal Latte (priced at $7.50). Basically, cereal is soaked in milk before being topped with espresso shots. Get that wholesome cereal taste, and your coffee fix at the same time! Plus the chill ambiance over at Maxi Coffee Bar makes for a good weekend brunch hideout.

For more information: Facebook

4. Tiong Bahru Bakery

Image Credit: Tiong Bahru Bakery

Similar to the whole cereal concept, granola bowls are also increasingly popular. They are packed with a whole lot of nutrients, and taste superbly yummy too. Amidst all the granola bowls available, the one at Tiong Bahru Bakery continues being the top choice. If you’re a tourist, you’d not regret stopping by one of their outlets to have a taste of their fresh bakes (especially their tarts)!

Fore more information: Website | Instagram

5. Keng Eng Kee Seafood

Image Credit: Openrice.com

Since we’re on the topic of cereal… How could we forget our zichar favourite cereal prawns?! Basically, this local favourite dish is made from butter, oats, curry leaves and fresh prawns. If you ask us, we’d say the fragrant cereal usually steals the limelight from the prawns. Who knew that savoury cereal could taste so good too - kudos to the brilliant chef who came up with this dish! Keng Eng Kee Seafood is extremely reknowned for their cereal prawns - you have to give it a try or you’d be missing out.

For more information: Website | Facebook

Know of any other places that are perfect for cereal killers? Let us know at bello@thecerealwriter!







(we tend to binge on cereal over our weekends, so give us a bit more time to reply you okay? go have some cereal too)


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