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Back to Basics: What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is very new to the marketing industry, especially so for the Singapore market. Many business owners have yet to tap into the full revenue potential that they can achieve through Content Marketing. If you’re scratching your heads and wondering how Content Marketing works, we’ve broken down this huge concept into nuggets of bite-sized information.

Do a quick search for the term on Google and you’re likely to be even more confused - but here’s a definition that we felt clearly illustrated the meaning of Content Marketing. According to Wainwright from Hubspot: “Content Marketing is a marketing program that centers on creating, publishing, and distributing content for your target audience -- usually online -- the goal of which is to attract new customers.” Content Marketing is part of the bigger umbrella of Digital Marketing - and is seen on many digital platforms such as blogs, e-books, free online courses, social media platforms, videos and more.

1. Being a Thought Leader

The ultimate goal of Content Marketing is to convert your reader into a customer by being a thought leader in your industry. While some readers may be long leads and need some time to be converted, you can also get lucky and have customers who are almost ready to make a purchase. Here’s a quick summary of how Content Marketing works:

  1. You share your creative and exciting content related to your business on your digital platforms (for example, a blog), and occasionally weave in how your product can help a customer

  2. A potential customer goes onto Google with a question, and finds the answer in your blog

  3. The customer is impressed by your level of expertise in the industry, and realises you provide a solution to their problems through your product - Short lead: The customer may decide to contact you to find out how your product can help - Long lead: The customer may go back to Google for more answers, but remembers your product has potential to solve their problems. They may come back to you after some time.

When you share your knowledge from angles no one had done before, people remember you as the industry’s thought leader, and will keep your brand and your product in mind when they need a solution in the future.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A great article would still be nothing unless they can be found on Google, that’s where SEO comes into play. Your article and website should rank high on the Search Engine of Google to increase your website traffic, increasing the number of potential leads you have. There are various factors affecting SEO, such as the choice of keywords, bounce rate, average time spent on the page, readability, and many other factors. Quality content and SEO work hand in hand to bring in more leads to your page, thus, SEO should not be neglected.

3. Focusing Your Content Efforts

With so many digital platforms available, which exactly is the best for your business? While having a digital presence on multiple platforms is great, it is not effective if you’re unable to continually nurture that platform and add more content constantly. Consistent effort is very important in SEO, as well as in keeping your readers engaged. If you’re in the financial industry, perhaps a blog would work better, but for someone in the consulting industry, a YouTube channel may be better instead. It really depends on the nature of your business and which platform will your target audience be spending the most time on.

We’re really just scratching the surface here because there is so much to delve deeper into the realm of Content Marketing. Before you embark on Content Marketing and start investing resources to grow a content team, do take some time to prioritise the needs of your customers and determine if content should even be a key marketing strategy.

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