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All That Goodness Packdd In One - BTS With Packdd Singapore

As children, we always looked forward to birthday parties where we’ll receive goodie bags packed with fun toys and stationery we can use in school. As adults now, we arrive at weddings excited to open the wedding favour wrapped up nicely at our seat (don’t lie, we’re sure that’s the first thing you look at).

These experiences are exactly what Packdd Singapore is looking to create. From packing goodies for your occasions to helping you with your event set up, Packdd is a boutique local brand that is excited to be your partner and work towards a memorable event together.

We went behind the scenes with the Founder of Packdd, Athari, to find out more about his business idea and his thoughts on setting up your own business in Singapore.

Q: Hello! Tell us more about your business.

A: Hello! Over at Packdd, we do small gifts for almost every occasion! We were previously known as Packed Full of Sunshine and after a good 2 years, we’ve decided to revamp and rebrand ourselves for 2020. Hence, the name Packdd, which we felt is shorter and more catchy. I would say our primary focus is on catering contemporary favours for weddings. We’re also in the midst of switching up our favours/gifts to create more localised/Singapore themed offerings, and also coming up with uniquely Packdd designs!

Besides gifts, we do offer other services under our events arm like Picnic (Packdd Picnique), Party/Dessert Table (Packdd Party) and add-on wedding services which will be a part of Packdd Wedding.

Q: How did you get your idea or concept for the business?

A: As a child, I was often brought to many Malay weddings. Over the years, I do notice that more often than not, the wedding favours remain the same - something wrapped in plastic, something in a very shiny bag. Not only are they very wasteful, I would say that they are "so yesteryear". Thus I wanted to offer something different, gifts that would stand out from the rest!

Q: What were your mission / goals when you first started?

A: My eventual goal is for wedding favours to break away from the typical or traditional gift sets. I hope that Packdd would bring weddings and guests memorable moments when they receive a favour that is exciting and different from what they usually expect!

Q: Is your business idea tied to any personal story?

A: Well, I personally enjoy having the idea of sweet memories being created between individuals and I believe that Packdd will bring smiles and create great memories - one way or another!

Q: How has 2019 been for your business, and what are you looking forward to in 2020?

A: 2019 was the year of steady preparation for Packdd's revamp in time for 2020. We have a lot of new offerings up our sleeves to offer in 2020. I personally have a good feeling that 2020 is going to be the year!

Q: Out of all the products you retail, which is your personal favourite and why?

A: Let me tell you a little secret! My personal favourite is the upcoming favour/gift box design that Packdd is going to launch. Just a little sneak, I would say that the upcoming design is a mash-up of traditional, local and Packdd. (cough cough) Acually it's a beautiful batik design print which will come in 2 colours!

Q: What would you say to someone who’s looking to start their own business?

A: "If not now, then when?" That is what I told myself too before leaving my full-time job and converting Packdd into a full scale business. Here’s some of my thoughts:

  • When you have that fire ignited, do not hesitate, just go! - because you never know when that spark will be back or if it will even ever come back.

  • Of course, do consider all your prior commitments before diving into something bold.

  • Sit down and have it all planned out and do not give up at the slightest problem or issue that surfaces.

  • When you have it all up and running, keep that fire burning and remember that there are many ways to solve any problems. Always tell yourself that nothing is going to hold you back!

The next time you’re looking for someone to help with your wedding favours - you know who to look for! You can also follow them on Instagram so that you’ll be the first to know how their new Packdd packaging will look like ;)

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/packddsg/

Website: https://www.packddsg.com/

Images above belong to Packdd Singapore. Thank you for sharing more about your brand with us, Athari!







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