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50 Content Ideas For The Beauty Industry

If you’re looking to start your own content page for your beauty brand, here are some content ideas to get you started with the brainstorm process! 

Of course, you should still do a keyword research to optimise your content and tweak these ideas so that they are relevant. You should also ensure your eventual choice of topic to cover is consistent with your content strategy. 

These ideas can be repurposed for any content platform that works best for your brand! Think YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Dayre, Twitter and even e-books. 

Here goes!

  1. How To Take Your Beauty Flatlay 

  2. Tutorials On How To Use Your Product 

  3. Product Swatches (And Comparisons With Brand X)

  4. Before VS After Image Comparisons 

  5. Unboxing Videos 

  6. Get Ready With Me - Incorporate Your Products With A Morning Routine

  7. X Chemicals You Should Avoid In Your Skincare 

  8. Look On Fleek With These Make-Up Hacks 

  9. Celebrity Skincare Regimes You Should Learn From 

  10. Top X Skincare Products You Need 

  11. 5 Minutes Easy Make-Up Looks 

  12. How To Identify Your Skin Type 

  13. Skincare Products You Should Use Based On Your Lifestyle 

  14. What Type Of Facial Treatment Should You Go For? 

  15. Make-Up Colours That Will Complement Your Skin Tone 

  16. Skincare And Beauty Deals You Need To Know

  17. Which Types Of Cleansers You Should Use 

  18. What Is The Difference Between Different Scrubs Available In The Market 

  19. How Do You Know Which Foundation / Concealer Shade To Get?

  20. Unique Halloween Looks You Can Achieve With X Brand Of Make-Up 

  21. Skincare Essentials For Your Travels

  22. Which Make-Up Products Should You Bring Along With Limited Travel Space

  23. Top X Amazing Beauty Launches 

  24. Questions You Should Ask When Going For A Beauty Consultation 

  25. How Do You Identify Products Of Premium Quality? 

  26. Top X Facts About Skincare / Make-Up You Never Knew

  27. X Signs That You Need To Visit A Dermatologist Top

  28. X Beauty Influencers To Follow For Good Beauty Content 

  29. Make-Up That Keeps You Looking Glam Throughout Your Workout 

  30. X Skincare Myths Debunked 

  31. Drugstore Skincare / Make-Up Brands That Work Wonders 

  32. When Should You Throw Out Your Unused Skincare?

  33. X Ways Our Product Can Help You Save Time 

  34. The Kind Of Make-Up Looks Boys VS Girls Prefer

  35. How Do You Know You’ve Removed Your Make-Up Properly?

  36. X Steps To Switch Your Day Look To A Night Look 

  37. Products That Keep Your Make-Up Looking Fresh Throughout The Day 

  38. Handbag Essentials You Need To Carry Around 

  39. Natural Ingredients In Skincare And Make-Up That’s Good For Our Skin 

  40. Wake Up To Bouncy Skin With This Bedtime Skincare Regime 

  41. Everyday Habits You Didn’t Know Ruin Your Skin 

  42. Benefits Of Using X Product 

  43. Top X Gifts To Get For Your Girlfriend 

  44. Latest Make-Up Trends 

  45. Easy Hair Styling Tips To Complement Your Face-Of-The-Day 

  46. Celebrity Inspired Make-Up Looks

  47. This (Insert Season) How Much Skincare / Make-Up Products Is Enough? 

  48. Make-Up / Skincare Starter Kit For First Timers 

  49. Places You Can Find X Brand In 

  50. New Launches To Be Excited About 

We hope these sparked some ideas, or at least got some creative juices flowing. We would love to see what you eventually came up with, so please send them our way at bello@thecerealwriter.com!







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