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5 Things Millennials Look Out For In A Job

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

Millennials - a term so loosely used to describe the generation now that is seemingly spoilt. Yet as these millennials start to enter the workforce, they aren't all that hard to please. They just find gratification from sources different from the previous generation. Here’s 5 things that they look out for - which honestly does not require rocket science to achieve.

#1: Appreciation

Not just the millennials - in fact, everyone would like to feel appreciated for their hard work. Call millennials spoilt, but the very praise you hold back from them when they did a good job would make them feel like they're not valued. It's 2019, time to be more generous with how often you praise your fellow colleagues where it's due and you'll see the comrade get better. Positive reinforcement works wonders. Never negate any work done, even if it seems mediocre to you because time was required to do it anyway. And if you couldn't spare the time to do it yourself, kudos to your colleague who got it done instead.

#2: Progression

With most of their life clearly planned out for them, they are used to knowing what their next steps would be. They know what's coming after high school, and what's expected in college. Thus, knowing your plans for them when they join your company is definitely comforting. While the day-to-day hustle may make career progression planning a huge chore, don't keep procrastinating on planning a career path for them in your company! Not only does this help them feel valued, it also gives them clear milestones to work towards.

#3: Work-Life Balance

Gone are the days where your team stays back overtime to complete a project for you, without any grudges. Millennials value time off for themselves, and don't enjoy being controlled entirely by what goes on at work. Step in where necessary to help them in prioritizing the workload and giving them clear deadlines. This will help them plan out their time better and still keep their social life (which is dearly important to them, I kid you not).

#4: Empowerment

Take time to recognize where their strengths lie, and assign them work where you know they can excel in. That said, you'll also need to find the right balance and present them with some challenges so that they feel constantly stimulated. Millennials can get restless pretty fast, and routine work with no opportunities for learning will leave them feeling stagnant and craving for a change. Of course, these challenges should also come with guidance, so that they feel empowered to complete the task at hand.

#5: Don’t Compare!

Comparison is something we all fall trap to. Do not start going on and on about how you’ve had it harder in your past job, or how people used to stay in their jobs for many years even if they don't like it. Times have changed and we just have to adapt to the current culture. Dwelling in the past and insisting on traditional ways will make you lose the talents of tomorrow.







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