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5 Practical Gifts Men Will Love For All Occasions

Finding the right gift for the men in your life, say your dad, brother, boyfriend, husband, etc., isn’t always the easiest task. Things like flowers are obviously… not going to work. Ever heard your them going “please don’t get me something impractical”? You’re definitely not alone and that’s just the logic in them thinking out loud. Men in general prefer functional gifts, things that give them a longer mileage. Here’s the top 5 practical gifts we’ve shortlisted that we’re sure the men in your life will love - plus, suitable for all occasions.


If you’re looking for a meaningful gift, WONDERWOODWORLD has just what you need. The founders were “in search of gifts more effortful than a photo frame, yet still bear memories of great significance”. They are experts in combining your favourite photos onto pieces of beautiful wood blocks. Each piece comes with unique wood lines and you can be rest assured every print is special.

#2. Hook Coffee

Who doesn't love great coffee? Get him Hook Coffee’s variety pack with unique blends for him to try everyday! We’ve tried some of their blends and we promise Hook Coffee is not just a marketing gimmick with their fancy names of coffee blends and pretty packaging - they are really awesome coffee. Perfect to start the day with.

#3. Ecco Shoes

We’re sure your man will appreciate a functional gift that goes a long way. Ecco Shoes are totally underrated in the comfort they bring to your feet. You can literally ease into your pair of Ecco Shoes and walk the whole day in them. Providing both dress shoes and casual shoes, we’re sure you'll find something that he will love.

P.S. According to tradition, shoe gifting may be considered inappropriate to some, but we’ll let you decide!

#4. Netflix Subscription

Everyone love themselves a good series to watch and Netflix provides plenty. Depending on the subscription plan you decide to get, it will only cost you less than $20 a month. Spend quality time together over the weekend watching the latest Netflix shows together - something we’re sure men would appreciate (a lot more than shopping, that’s for sure). If you’re thinking “Netflix and Chill”... well, we will leave that to your imagination ;)


We think this is the most practical gift of them all - CASH. The association of gifting cash with the lack of sincerity is long gone. If you know your man would rather have the freedom to decide how and where to spend their cash, this may just be the best option. We’ll get (or make) a card to go along with the cash, though! No harm adding a little personal touch.

In general, these gifts are not only appropriate for men, but all the women in our life too. While the choice of gift really depends on each individual’s preference, we just thought these ones were straightforward, practical and probably good as inspiration for you. Enjoy your gift-hunting journey!

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